Regionals 2016 Results

56 players attended Regionals this year. The new Game Kastle in Mountain View was kind enough to host us.

Here are the final results:

  1. Greg Monson (Whizzard / Near-Earth Hub)
  2. Kris MacLennan (MaxX / Engineering the Future)
  3. Jon Dalesandry (Noise / Near-Earth Hub)
  4. Adam Cabrera (Hayley Kaplan / Near-Earth Hub)
  5. Noah Chapman (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Pālanā Foods)
  6. Brian Cronin (Whizzard / Spark Agency)
  7. Jamie Kennedy (MaxX / Industrial Genomics)
  8. Gerry Salinas (Whizzard / Engineering the Future)

Let’s start out with overall wins:


Not bad! With the timed Corp wins this is about as close to 50/50 as I’ve ever seen.

On the Corp side, red and yellow were popular:


I believe “Synthetic Systems” is Pālanā. I am not surprised to see the abundance of IG with the recent additions of Museum and Political assets. This is only going to continue with the release of Jeeves soon! Look forward to packing those Archives Interfaces a while longer…

I was surprised and happy to see my pet ID Spark leading the way on wins:


However, NEH appears to be the most consistent given the larger sample set.

Jinteki came out ahead in overall number of wins:


No surprises on the runner side. The dominance of assets has not let us. Whizzard represented a full 23% of the field.


I take that back, I am surprised to see Hayley at the top Shaper spot (only because Kate has been so dominate). Hayley is clearly a great ID and people are finally learning how to build her and take advantage of her click efficiency and Shaper tomfoolery.  Look at Adam’s deck if you are curious.

Looking at Runner wins, Whizzard was the most consistently victorious of the three most popular runners.


And Anarch dominated the total wins:


Here is the match up graph:


And all the nitty-gritty details are here.

Thanks everyone for attending and making this another great Regionals tournament! And thanks to Kendall for running the event!

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