A Core Weyland Beginner Deck

I know people are often looking for beginner decks to help their friends learn the game. A friend asked me to do just that. This is intended for a player who knows the basic rules of the game and wants a decent Corp deck to play around with (as the Runner was a bit better in Core than the Corp). So here was my response to him:


I put together a deck for you. The general strategy should be to be fast/aggressive.


You are going to want to score out any Hostile Takeover you draw right out of hand (only 2 advancements required). This will give you 7 credits right away, boosting your economy and threaten a rez of Archer (one of the best Ice in the game). It does have the downside of gaining a bad publicity (a credit the Runner can use for anything on every run) but it is worth it.


From there, you are going to focus on building econ with those Transaction operations (Hedge Fund and Beanstalk), PAD Campaign, and Mining Corp whenever you can manage it. You would to try to have as much money as possible.
Also, don’t forget about the bonus credit when playing those Transaction operations!


The ice you want on central servers are Ice Wall, Wall of Static, Enigma, Data Raven, and Shadow.


You are going to try to use Hadrian’s, Toll Booth, or Archer to score out in a remote server. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, just the general aim or strategy. If you can score behind an Ice Wall early, go for it!


If you can get a Posted Bounty down in a server advanced a couple times, there is the option of advancing it 1 more time, tagging the runner, and then hitting the runner with Scorched Earth as a nice surprise. This is only worth doing if you are going to flatline them, otherwise, just score out Posted Bounty for the point.


Finally, if you ever have enough credits to give the Runner a tag with Sea Source followed by a Scorched Earth or 2 for the flatline, that is a win! Don’t forget about the successful run condition of Sea Source.


As always, let me know if you have any questions! I think this deck will be more competitive with the core Shaper deck.


Have fun!

Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World

Agenda (11)

3 Hostile Takeover
2 Posted Bounty
3 Priority Requisition
3 Private Security Force

Asset (7)

2 Melange Mining Corp
3 PAD Campaign
2 Snare! ••••

Operation (12)

3 Beanstalk Royalties
3 Hedge Fund
2 Scorched Earth
2 SEA Source ••••
2 Shipment from Kaguya

Barrier (8)

2 Hadrian’s Wall
3 Ice Wall
3 Wall of Static

Code Gate (4)

3 Enigma
1 Tollbooth ••

Sentry (7)

2 Archer
2 Data Raven ••••
1 Rototurret
2 Shadow

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Event Report – Two Cats 5/11/14 (Honor & Profit)

I’ll call my return to Netrunner and the tournament scene after sitting out the entire Spin Cycle ‘The Relapse’. A new job had given me more time to explore Netrunner (in addition to the other board games I play, not in place of, as had been before), the draft format got me peeking at a few Spin Cycle cards, Brian’s and Eric’s community efforts, especially with the ‘6 meat damage’ Google group whetted my appetite, and I just knew I needed to come back after seeing the text of Sundew (JintekiRP has always been my favorite ID).

Only 8 people showed up, since it was Mother’s Day (did we like Netrunner more than our moms, or do our moms not care about us?), and most players were going experimental, since they’d already received most of the loot from Season One. For a scrub like me, I needed every advantage I could get!

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Market Research – Post H&P Gabe

Market ResearchMarket Research is a new feature on SanSan Francisco where we will be hosting a small scale discussion about a specific card, faction, ID, or strategy in the Netrunner world.

First up, I recorded a discussion with local player Martin Presley (also known as hoobajoo) about Gabe in a post H&P world. Martin has been playing Gabe since core and so has a lot of insight.

Let’s see what he has to say:

Where is the world is New Angeles

If you play Netrunner, then you’ve heard of the megapolis New Angeles and you probably know that it is the home of the New Angeles Space Elevator… more popularly known as “The Beanstalk”.

The rulebook for Netrunner mentions a few things about the city and those who reside within it, but no source in the Android Universe goes into more detail about the specific location of that city than the Free Fall novel.

In the book, Detective Rick Harrison mentions that the United States purchased roughly a quarter of Ecuadorian land at the cost of around a trillion dollars. Totaling about 75,000 square kilometers, it includes most of the coastal plain between the Andes and the ocean, stretching from Esmareldas to Guayas.  It boarders Quito, the Capitol of Ecuador and includes Cayambe, the third highest mountain in Ecuador and the location of the Beanstalk’s root. The image below shows my best guess as to how that lays out…


Thanks for the details Detective!

If you liked this post then you can look forward to seeing more like it on this site as well as my soon to be youtube channel where I talk about the lore of the Android universe.

-Chops out



H&P Set Review, Part 1: The Runners

ADN15-box-leftA fancy new set came out, full of fancy new cards.  So how better to celebrate than with a fancy new set review!  Behold, as we weigh in, assigning highly scientific ratings based on our complicated analytical models!

Because Honor and Profit had a lot of cards, we’re breaking this review up into two parts.  Here, we’re going to talk about the runner half!

Update: The corp half is now also live, and you can find it here!

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First Post!

And, we’re live!

Welcome to SanSan Francisco City Grid!  The original purpose of this site was to host the San Francisco Bay Area Netrunner Event Calendar, as well as as an easy signup spot for the Bay Area Netrunner Mailing List. But in the process of setting everything up, we’ve come to realize that there are an awful lot of really cool people in the Bay Area Netrunner scene, who have all sorts of Netrunner-related things they’d love to put up on a web page.

So!  Come for the event calendar and mailing list, and stay for the news, writeups, set reviews, recorded games, and who knows what else!

Watch this space!

Netrunner in the Bay Area