Market Research – Post H&P Gabe

Market ResearchMarket Research is a new feature on SanSan Francisco where we will be hosting a small scale discussion about a specific card, faction, ID, or strategy in the Netrunner world.

First up, I recordedĀ a discussion with local player MartinĀ Presley (also known as hoobajoo) about Gabe in a post H&P world. Martin has been playing Gabe since core and so has a lot of insight.

Let’s see what he has to say:

4 thoughts on “Market Research – Post H&P Gabe”

  1. Don’t know if I’m in the minority: I’d love to read a transcript of the interview (or just the highlights). Can’t watch videos at work!

  2. Oh snap, at 28:10 Brian catches me tripping after I spent all April playing a buttload of limited Magic.

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