H&P Set Review, Part 1: The Runners

ADN15-box-leftA fancy new set came out, full of fancy new cards.  So how better to celebrate than with a fancy new set review!  Behold, as we weigh in, assigning highly scientific ratings based on our complicated analytical models!

Because Honor and Profit had a lot of cards, we’re breaking this review up into two parts.  Here, we’re going to talk about the runner half!

Update: The corp half is now also live, and you can find it here!

iain-stirling-retired-spookIain Stirling: Retired Spook

Brian: Yay link. Boo 10 influence. Yay ability. Boo deck building with motivation not to score points.

2 out of 3 spooky ghosts.

Chris: I like this guy a lot.  I think he is my favorite of the new identities, and he plays waaay differently from other criminals.  He gives the corp a weird choice:  Score agendas, and give Iain a ton of free money?  Or build up and try to score all at once?

He is one of the few runners that can probably actually get away with playing a long game, and letting the corp score an agenda or two while he sets up.  I’m hoping he helps usher in a new style of criminal play, beyond just mindless HQ siphon aggression.

I give this identity a score of 6 out of 3


ken-express-tenma-disappeared-cloneKen “Express” Tenma: Disappeared Clone

Brian: Ken gets the award for best nickname that could also be the name of a WWE wrestler. 17 influence is neat and run events are good but this ID just doesn’t seem that exciting to me. I am in general not a big fan of IDs that limit deck construction to specific types of cards and definitely not specific subtypes of types of cards.

I award 1 out of a million for the ability but 2 out of a million for the nickname (note: it is impossible to get more than 2 out of a million with this rating system)

Chris: He seems interesting, and having 17 influence is definitely neat.  And while his bonus seems focused on run events, those ARE something that criminal has a lot of, and they’re some of criminal’s better cards.  Interested to see what people make with him!

I rate him about a B+.


silhouette-stealth-operativeSilhouette: Stealth Operative

Brian: The 40 minimum deck size is really good for getting Blackguard out faster but is this ID good without Blackguard? Is a smaller deck and expose better than the +2 credits Gabe gives you? I have a feeling the answer is no for both cases but things could change if we get more effects that trigger off expose in future data packs.

My rating for Silhouette is in stealth mode somewhere on this website.

Chris: I don’t know what she’s going to be like.  On one hand, Honor and Profit gives people a whole lot more reasons to run expose effects, but it’s not completely clear that this is worth more than Gabe just giving 2 credits.  On the other hand, having a criminal with a 40 card deck (and the full 15 influence) opens up a lot of really tight deck builds.

Rating: Code-Orange


calling-in-favorsCalling in Favors

Brian: Do you have A LOT of connections in your deck? Yes? Include this card. No? Appreciate the fact that Kati Jones does more than just deliver packages.

I rate Kati Jones’ badassery a 10 out of 10.

Chris: Another card that I hope helps usher in a golden age of criminals that actually bother to build up resources rather than ignoring tags.  With 3 connections, it’s an easy mark, and with 4, it’s a super-cheap sure gamble.

Rating: Vermillion


early-birdEarly Bird

Brian: I’m not sure about this one. It was obviously made for Ken but it is probably pretty good for other IDs as well. The question is: Does it compete with the other Criminal events? I am curious to see more Priority events eventually.

Rating: 10 out of 10 but only on the first click.

Chris: I like this card a lot.  Cards that convert credits into clicks are few and far between, and this one has the advantage that, unlike All Nighter, the corp doesn’t get to see it coming.  Could this make Notoriety/Quest Completed more popular?  Hard to say, but if nothing else, it’s pretty handy vs. HB bioroid ice.  Having 4 clicks to spend when you faceplant into a Janus feels kind of nice.

Rating: 2am


express-deliveryExpress Delivery

Brian: More of the Criminal card draw theme: Not as efficient as Shaper or Anarch but very selective. This is a great alternative to Diesel for Criminal and at only 1 influence, probably has some uses in Anarch as well.

Rating: 4 points but you only get to keep 1.

Chris: Diesel is clearly a better card in almost every case, but the 2 influence cost makes it costly to import.  This feels like a solid alternative, although I’d like it more if it didn’t cost a credit.  As it is, you’re spending one draw, one click, and one credit, to hopefully get a card you want, and I keep wondering if it wouldn’t be better just to draw 3 times instead.  On the other hand, it does shuffle your deck, which means that anything you’ve banished to the bottom via Mr. Li is now back in play…

 Rating: Cats



Brian: The only really solid use for this I can think of is for Emergency Shutdown. It doesn’t seem like a very efficient way to trigger the gun. Anything else?

Rating: Sneaky

Chris: I liked this card a lot more when I thought you could use it on any server.  Not that there were a whole lot more use cases there, but it at least made it easier to build up datasucker tokens.  Focused on HQ, it seems like it’s not going to be useful for much besides Emergency Shutdown, or possibly the new S&W gun.

 Rating: Synergistic



Brian: HQ Maker’s Eye! I have been wanting this card for a while. There are a lot of good Runner strategies that try to create a log jam effect in HQ. Examples are cards like The Source and Hemorrhage which cause agendas to get jammed up in HQ. Go in and get em with Legwork. This is also a good general utility card against fast advance.

Chris: Might also be worth considering combining this with stuff like Woman in the Red Dress.  Force the corp to draw some cards, and give you some extra info about when it’s worth making an extra-special run.

 Rating: Hodor


planned-assaultPlanned Attack

Brian: I already know what you are going to say… But, like all search effects, this allows us to consistently run a more diversified set of Run events without a huge influence cost. I like Run events because they encourage running which is the best part of the game so this card can’t be all that bad.

I rate it 0.5 Account Siphons.

Chris: Oh good, a tutor for Account Siphon!  That’s good, that card clearly needed some love.  Or something.

Rating: 3 Teemos



Brian: This is a really powerful effect! The +1 memory and hand size are definitely secondary effects here. Logos will be super powerful against Personal Evolution. Outside of that, I don’t think it will trigger enough in a game to justify not using Desperado.

Rating: Almost as good as Desperado.

Chris: This card is neat.  I think it actually opens criminals up to some of the “toolbox” style builds previously only really seen in shaper.  If you get this out early enough, you can afford to have single copies of a lot of utility cards in your deck, on the off chance you need them.  Because this console ensures that if you DO need them, you’ll get them.  The +1 hand size is a nice bonus, but not really earthshattering, but the free, no-strings-attached card tutoring is amazing, as long as you get it out early enough to do some good.

Rating: Vinyl


public-terminalPublic Terminal

Brian: Just like prepaid, this will end up netting A LOT of credits if it is played early enough in the game. The only prepaid deck I have played against had a ton of card draw to consistently get to the prepaids and the events to trigger off them. It dominated me the first game and then fell flat the second when the prepaids didn’t come out fast enough. I suspect this will be similar.

Rating: A 0 cost Dirty Laundry IS really nice!

Chris: So…  It’s a 1-credit cheaper prepaid voicepad, that only works for run events?  Seems kind of limiting.  But if most of your events ARE run events, maybe it’s worth it?

Rating: Support your local public library


unregistered-sw-35Unregistered S&W 35

Brian: This card is too specific and too costly for me to consider using it now but it is a nice option. I am looking forward to more Weapon types though!

Rating: When do we get the Unregistered S&W Bazooka to blow up Walls?

Chris: Maybe now all the people complaining about how Caprice will ruin the game can chill out?

Rating: Ninja Master



Brian: Is this supposed to be some kind of dig at MS Windows?

Rating: Why?

Chris: Color me unimpressed.  Using it with Mr. Li seems fairly pointless.  If you wanted both cards, why not just click twice?  It might have a use once Will-O-the-Wisp is a thing, next cycle, but even then – what, did criminal forget how to Special Order?

Rating: Ninja Dog



aliasBrian: I have been really happy with this card so far. Ninja and Femme are too expensive for my deck so this covers the kind of sentries I often face at a good cost. With Faeries and Shutdown in faction, I am not too worried about the central only limit.

Rating: Is this evidence there are going to be more Killers named after TV shows from the 2000s?

Chris: I’d be more excited about a moderately efficient sentry breaker with a huge limitation, if it wasn’t in a faction that already had moderately efficient sentry breakers without huge limitations.

Rating: Pineapple



Brian: After play testing, I am not impressed. I just don’t routinely face super expensive Barriers for some reason. I more often see Ice Wall, Wraparound, or Wall of Static and Corroder is just better for those.

My rating is really high assuming the only Barriers you ever play against are 6 strength.

Chris: It’s … decent?  It breaks the huge walls really cheaply.  This may be the cheapest way I can think of to get through a curtain wall.  Unless you’re sure you’re not going to run on remotes ever, I think it’s still probably better to just cough up the influence and run corroder though.

Rating: Artichoke



Brian: Somebody somewhere mentioned that Omni-Drive helps this card a lot. That is true but I still can’t figure out why anyone would use this.

Rating: Buggy

Chris: The omni-drive idea is probably a good one.  Or some kind of recurring credit at least.  Otherwise, 2 credits every draw is going to get really expensive, really fast.

Rating: 4 Doge-coins



Brian: Maybe this card would have been better as a Deus X style trash cost? As it stands, this really should not be earning a deck slot unless EVERYONE in your meta is using NBN: Making News with a bunch of tracer ice.

Rating: Delicious.

Chris: This card would be a lot more interesting to me “break any tracer” wasn’t just a fancy way of saying “hyper-limited sentry breaker, that can also break that one barrier that basically never gets used.”  Why use this, when you could just use one of the best sentry breakers in the game instead, for the same influence?

Rating: 2 Doge-coins


grappling-hookGrappling Hook

Brian: I can’t figure out why everyone seems to be obsessed with this one. It seems like people disregard the install cost and deck space.

Assuming you are using this alone without E3, what Ice does this really help you with? High cost Bioroids, Archer, Wall of Thorns (under some definition of help), Janus, Komainu, and the like. Bioroids I can just click through so I don’t need this card taking up a card slot and a memory. Archer and other Sentries I can just use Faerie. So it helps with Wall of Thorns in that you only take 2 net damage instead of also not getting to continue the run into a Snare, I guess? Wall of Thorns only costs 5 to break fully with your Corroder which has a lot of other utility.

Also, I don’t like to be in a situation where the Corp can rez high cost Ice all the time at will where Grappling Hook would have utility. I tried this card out in a few games and kept hitting ETR Ice and 1 sub Ice and was just trying to figure out why this was taking up deck space.

Rating: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Chris: This one is interesting!  It has the obvious combo with E3 implants, but even on its own, it gets you through a lot of high-strength nonsense for dirt cheap.  Fairy may be better for some sentries, and the hook still won’t get you past things that have nothing but ETR routines.  But a lot of nasty pieces of ice have multiple routines, and this lets you pick the most harmless one.  It will only save you once, but it’s still one of the cheapest ways I can think of to get through Odin!

I give this card a rating of ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)



Brian: This is the best in faction option for Code Gates. I switched over to Passport from Yog mostly due to my belief that people will understand the power of Inazuma. The massively lower install cost is also a nice bonus. The central only limit here doesn’t feel like a big deal as it seems like Corps like to get Code Gates on Centrals where you are running more often.

Rating: Pretty, pretty, prettttttty good.

Chris: I wanted to like this card, but all it really did is just make me realize that Peacock isn’t as bad a breaker as I thought.

Rating: 0.75 Peacocks


push-your-luckDouble or Nothing

Brian: Ok, what is going on here?

Rating: Honestly, what is going on here?

Chris: I guess it’s sort of a criminal stimhack?  It basically guarantees a massive credit swing, and without any brain damage!  The only downside is that the swing is not always in the direction you want…  Still, anything that lets you quickly gain huge numbers of credits for a single click, even if it’s unreliable, is probably noteworthy.  Maybe Nasir will like it, as a way to do something fun with his credits before he runs into a server and has his credit pool zeroed out by a popup window.

Rating: ^_^


Security Testing

security-testingBrian: This is an interesting effect. Combined with cards like Gabe, Datasuckers, Desperado, and Dirty Laundry, this can be a big economic boom. I don’t think these stack however. Like Bank Job, the “instead of accessing” part replaces the usual effect so only 1 Security Testing can trigger off that accessing effect. This is only good when combined with other cards. If you simple want 2 credits for a click, use Armitage where there is no limit to using it once in the turn or the requirement of a successful run.

I am looking forward to a possible Runner build where the only click action you use in a turn is “Run”.

Rating: History rewards those who Run.

Chris: It’s kind of an edge case, but you can use this to safely run on archives or what not, even if it’s full of shocks.  Not normally all that useful, but maybe handy if you’re trying to trigger your notoriety or quest completed?

Rating: PG


theophilius-bagbiterTheophilius Bagbiter

Brian: The Netrunner designers need to explain these names some day. This one is impressive.

I would have been perfectly happy if Netrunner never had any big hand combo decks. I don’t think the game would have been worse off. So I am not really a fan of this card on principle. Outside of that, this does not seem like a good card right now. There just aren’t enough good reason to have a big hand currently. Embrace the unknown and run!

This card has to get a few points for the name at least.

Rating: “How many cards in hand? 20? Cool. I play Sweeps Week.”

Chris: He feels like half of a combo, waiting for the other half to be printed.  He basically turns the runner into Cerebral Imaging.  Which is potentially neat, since Cerebral Imaging is neat, except that part of the reason Cerebral Imaging works is that it’s harder for the runner to zero out the corp’s credit pool for one credit.

Rating: Cyber-Poe wrote on both.


trimaf-contactTri-maf Contact

Brian: This is a more expensive and limited Armitage that doesn’t go away after using it 6 times but will just lose you the game sometimes.

Just use Armitage. If you are worried about Armitage running out, include 2 more copies of Armitage in your deck.

Rating: Don’t forget about Armitage!

Chris: On one hand, even if it’s limited to once per turn, having a 2 credit-per-click converter is useful.  On the other hand, taking 3 damage when it gets trashed is kind of rough.  

Rating: 3 Teemos


mass-installMass Installation

Brian: None of the neutral Runner cards impress me unfortunately. This one is fine. It is part of the ability from Monolith for much cheaper. It has a nice surprise element to it, I suppose, but would require the runner to hold back programs until the late game when you can burst them out. Why would you do that?

Rating: This card will install 3 cards for 1 click.

Chris: I guess it’s a runner version of Shipment from Mirrormorph?  It’s rare that I want to install enough programs in one turn for this to matter, but maybe we’re about to see a bunch of utility programs and cheap memory?

If nothing else, this card probably fits in pretty well to a Noise-mill style deck?

Rating: 1.5 mirrormorphs


qcoherence-chipQ-Coherence Chip

Brian: Seemed like a decent option until we realized this effect trigger off trashing a program from the Grip due to damage.

Rating: LOL

Chris: It definitely needed some major penalty, since otherwise it’s a cheaper, influence-free version of Akamatsu Mem Chip.  Everyone is freaking out over the chance that they’ll lose their 0-cost memory to net damage.  Easy come, easy go, I say!

Rating: 5 RAMs



Brian: I have never been interested by AIs for some reason. The problem I have with them is that to use them efficiently, you usually need to dedicate your deck to running them and there are always huge downsides that will wreck you if things don’t line up right. This is the case for Overmind.

There is some possibility here in using Overmind as more of a 1 off utility card for big events like Keyhole, Maker’s Eye, or Siphon. If you NEED to get in somewhere in the early game, this is a decent option. Better than Crypsis for that I think. I can see including a copy in Shaper to see how often those situations came up.

Rating: They do find interesting ways to keep adding AIs to the game though!

Chris: While it’s been suggested that this card will make for some good early game pressure, I think it suffers a lot from the fact that it is effectively a dead card once you’ve filled up your memory.

On the other hand, I think you could make some pretty entertaining decks around using this as your only breaker, and resetting the counters with things like scavenge and test run.  It will be fun to see if any of those pan out.

Rating: 15 elizas


oracle-mayOracle May

Brian: If you guess right every time this is like Professional Contacts that you can only use once a turn, but gives you an extra credit. In practice, you will not guess right every time unless you only have 1 type of card in your deck. If your deck is saturated by a bunch of events and a few programs, isn’t the risk of trashing a program too high? I’m sure a bunch of people are testing Motivation with May. I am curious if there is anything to that.

This card is rated at 5 stars if the top card is an event…

Chris: When this is combined with Eureka, there are now TWO cards that make motivation worthwhile!  Brace yourselves, Motivation decks are coming…

Rating: Motivators


donut-taganesDonut Taganes

Brian: He is a man with the name of “Donut”! Another classic.

There is going to be a great game of Netrunner some day when all these “tax the other player” effects are played by both players and it somehow just stalemates.

Rating: His name is “Donut”!

Chris: Fun fact:  His name is an anagram for “nuts to agenda!”  This doesn’t impact the game at all.  But it’s kind of fun to think about.

Rating: 8


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