Games of Berkeley 2016 Store Championship Results

I attended my very first Netrunner tournament in January of 2013 at Games of Berkeley. It is now over 3 years later and the community has grown tremendously since then.


This is perfectly reflected in the annual Store Championship. We hosted 50 players on Saturday (almost entirely filling out the play space).


Noah McKee took his second Store Championship of the season going undefeated with his Sync deck and Noise. With Andrew Cortez taking Santa Clara, clearly those SF boys are who we need to tech against.


We played 5 rounds of Swiss with a cut to the top 8 players. The Most Wanted List was in effect but with so few tournaments since its inception, players are still working out how to deal with the fallout. As a result, the field was diverse. Of course, many of the staples were present: Faust, ETF, Kate, Parasite, Whizzard, and Noise but you may be surprised to see what IDs and cards made up the cut. So let’s get into it.


ETF and NEH are the two most popular Corp IDs and this was well represented on Saturday.


What surprised me was this graph of Corp wins.


ETF performed far worse than I would have guessed. While Sync and Blue Sun over performed relative to expectations.

MaxX and Whizzard alone constituted a full 28% of total runner IDs. What is interesting here is the prevalence of Leela over Kate. The MWL is doing weird things!


Nothing jumps out at me as exceptions in the Runner wins. Anarch is good! Also, Robby Fry is screwing with our data! Being the only Kit player (and the best Kit player I know of), he makes Kit the most successful runner ID on the day. Watch out for that guy…


The total wins is a fun chart to look at.


Considering how complicated Netrunner is as an asymmetric game, this is truly impressive to me.

This graph is just really cool looking.


This represents faction match ups in terms of wins. NBN is looking pretty hot right now! Again, this is based on a relatively small set of data but it is at least interesting to think about at least.

The top 8 was exciting to watch. We had some wild decks being piloted with a mix of pure skill and “oh god I’ve been playing Netrunner for 12 hours straight what even is a click?”. Many of these games were recorded by us and Noah McKee.

The final results:

  1. Noah McKee
  2. Todd Wilde
  3. David Gomez (who had been playing the game for less than a month!)
  4. Greg Monson
  5. Ian Watson
  6. Robby Fry
  7. Eric Green
  8. Gregory Daniloff

The full stats are available here if you want to dig into more detail. And here is the link. Thanks everyone for attending and thanks to Games of Berkeley for hosting us!


(Thanks to Jared for taking the photos)

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