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NorCal Netrunner 2018

Hey we thought we should update the home page here to reflect the active and vibrant NorCal netrunner scene here in 2018.

The SF meta is still going strong!  Quickly recapping the last two years: several regulars were in the top 25 at 2016 Worlds, and the 2017 US National Champ was our own @joseki as well.

Make sure to tune in to the twitch stream each week at for some not-so-serious looks at deckbuilding and to improve your meme game.

Thursday night casual in SF is the most heavily attended weekly get-together, and the monthly GNKs around Berkeley, SF, and the South Bay are all regularly seeing 10-15 players consistently, many of whom are new to the game in the last 6 months or 6 weeks!

If you haven’t been out for a while please feel free to join us for the low-stress GNK tournaments or a casual night, you’ll meet some nice fun people and you will most likely go home with some promo cards and ideas for new decks, some of which may even be good, but all of which will be fun!


Introducing Chops Channel

Hello , this is Chops and I just wanted to quickly introduce the channel I just started. The purpose of this channel is to share things that I have found interesting in lore of the Android Universe from the various source materials outside of Netrunner.

These first three videos introduce the channel, the source material and the Android Universe itself. In future videos I will be going into much more detail about specific topics about characters, events, locations, and technology.

Hopefully I’ll have the next video sometime early August, so keep an eye out!