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Casual GNKs at Eudemonia on Wednesday Nights and Learn To Play

Do you wish you could play MORE Netrunner in Berkeley? Are you sick of sitting at home Wednesday nights re-filing your Netrunner collection to ensure nobody took one of your Global Food Initiatives?

Well, I have a solution! Come on down to Eudemonia Wednesday nights at 6pm to play Netrunner with us. We pop open a GNK when at least 4 people are playing.

Also, this coming Saturday the 30th of April, we are holding a Learn to Play event at Eudemonia. Bring along your friends and family. Decks will be provided. A few of us veterans will be present so don’t hesitate to bring along your abusive IG decks.

See ya at Eudemonia!

Regionals 2016 Results

56 players attended Regionals this year. The new Game Kastle in Mountain View was kind enough to host us.

Here are the final results:

  1. Greg Monson (Whizzard / Near-Earth Hub)
  2. Kris MacLennan (MaxX / Engineering the Future)
  3. Jon Dalesandry (Noise / Near-Earth Hub)
  4. Adam Cabrera (Hayley Kaplan / Near-Earth Hub)
  5. Noah Chapman (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Pālanā Foods)
  6. Brian Cronin (Whizzard / Spark Agency)
  7. Jamie Kennedy (MaxX / Industrial Genomics)
  8. Gerry Salinas (Whizzard / Engineering the Future)

Let’s start out with overall wins:


Not bad! With the timed Corp wins this is about as close to 50/50 as I’ve ever seen.

On the Corp side, red and yellow were popular:


I believe “Synthetic Systems” is Pālanā. I am not surprised to see the abundance of IG with the recent additions of Museum and Political assets. This is only going to continue with the release of Jeeves soon! Look forward to packing those Archives Interfaces a while longer…

I was surprised and happy to see my pet ID Spark leading the way on wins:


However, NEH appears to be the most consistent given the larger sample set.

Jinteki came out ahead in overall number of wins:


No surprises on the runner side. The dominance of assets has not let us. Whizzard represented a full 23% of the field.


I take that back, I am surprised to see Hayley at the top Shaper spot (only because Kate has been so dominate). Hayley is clearly a great ID and people are finally learning how to build her and take advantage of her click efficiency and Shaper tomfoolery.  Look at Adam’s deck if you are curious.

Looking at Runner wins, Whizzard was the most consistently victorious of the three most popular runners.


And Anarch dominated the total wins:


Here is the match up graph:


And all the nitty-gritty details are here.

Thanks everyone for attending and making this another great Regionals tournament! And thanks to Kendall for running the event!

Recent Store Championship Videos

We have been doing a lot of recording lately at Store Championships.

First I wanted to point everyone towards a great new channel: Oaktown Business Cast.

They just posted their first game from the Victory Point cut featuring Jamie and Ainsley.

We have also posted a couple recent games up to the SSF channel.

First up is the lower bracket finals at the Games of Berkeley cut featuring David and Todd. This is a really interesting one!

And the finals from the same tournament featuring Noah and Todd.

You can look forward to many more videos from both Bay Area channels!

Games of Berkeley 2016 Store Championship Results

I attended my very first Netrunner tournament in January of 2013 at Games of Berkeley. It is now over 3 years later and the community has grown tremendously since then.


This is perfectly reflected in the annual Store Championship. We hosted 50 players on Saturday (almost entirely filling out the play space).


Noah McKee took his second Store Championship of the season going undefeated with his Sync deck and Noise. With Andrew Cortez taking Santa Clara, clearly those SF boys are who we need to tech against.


We played 5 rounds of Swiss with a cut to the top 8 players. The Most Wanted List was in effect but with so few tournaments since its inception, players are still working out how to deal with the fallout. As a result, the field was diverse. Of course, many of the staples were present: Faust, ETF, Kate, Parasite, Whizzard, and Noise but you may be surprised to see what IDs and cards made up the cut. So let’s get into it.


ETF and NEH are the two most popular Corp IDs and this was well represented on Saturday.


What surprised me was this graph of Corp wins.


ETF performed far worse than I would have guessed. While Sync and Blue Sun over performed relative to expectations.

MaxX and Whizzard alone constituted a full 28% of total runner IDs. What is interesting here is the prevalence of Leela over Kate. The MWL is doing weird things!


Nothing jumps out at me as exceptions in the Runner wins. Anarch is good! Also, Robby Fry is screwing with our data! Being the only Kit player (and the best Kit player I know of), he makes Kit the most successful runner ID on the day. Watch out for that guy…


The total wins is a fun chart to look at.


Considering how complicated Netrunner is as an asymmetric game, this is truly impressive to me.

This graph is just really cool looking.


This represents faction match ups in terms of wins. NBN is looking pretty hot right now! Again, this is based on a relatively small set of data but it is at least interesting to think about at least.

The top 8 was exciting to watch. We had some wild decks being piloted with a mix of pure skill and “oh god I’ve been playing Netrunner for 12 hours straight what even is a click?”. Many of these games were recorded by us and Noah McKee.

The final results:

  1. Noah McKee
  2. Todd Wilde
  3. David Gomez (who had been playing the game for less than a month!)
  4. Greg Monson
  5. Ian Watson
  6. Robby Fry
  7. Eric Green
  8. Gregory Daniloff

The full stats are available here if you want to dig into more detail. And here is the link. Thanks everyone for attending and thanks to Games of Berkeley for hosting us!


(Thanks to Jared for taking the photos)

Small Update

Hello Corporate Troubleshooters and fellow Tech Lords!

I wanted to update the front page to let everyone know we are still Running!

Our Event Calendar is the place to go to find tournaments, learning sessions, and casual meet ups. If you know of anything not listed, please get in touch!

The Mailing List is a great place to find opponents, carpools, and get notifications on upcoming events.

Our YouTube Channel has a massive backlog of games from local players and special tournaments like Worlds 2015! If you see me at a tournament, I will likely have my camera gear. If you have an interesting deck, let’s get it recorded!

Finally, there is a Chat Room if you want to discuss the latest decks and tech with other Bay Area players.

And if you are interested in contributing to the community in some way, please email Brian (programmingisgood at the popular Google mailing service).

We have some fun things planned for 2016 so make sure to get on that mailing list!

2015 Santa Clara, CA Regionals Results

89 players decided to give away an entire day of their life and gathered at Game Kastle Santa Clara on Saturday the 30th for this year’s Regional Championship.

overhead shot of the tournament

Even Jackson Howard and the Professor showed up!

Jackson and the Professor

We played 7 rounds of Swiss then cut to the top 8 for elimination. After the Swiss the top 8 looked like this:

Rank Name Prestige SoS RW CW W-T-L
1. Noah Mckee
(Andromeda / Replicating Perfection)
22 135 7 4 4-3-0
2. Joe Filomena
(MaxX / Blue Sun)
22 126 6 5 4-3-0
3. Aaron Freeman
(MaxX / Near-Earth Hub)
22 116 5 6 4-3-0
4. Jason Dauer
(Gabriel Santiago / Engineering the Future)
21 119 6 4 3-4-0
5. Greg Monson
(Andromeda / Blue Sun)
20 110 4 6 3-4-0
6. Kris MacLennan
(Leela Patel / Replicating Perfection)
20 107 6 4 4-2-1
7. Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
(Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Near-Earth Hub)
20 104 3 7 3-4-0
8. Weston Odom
(Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Replicating Perfection)
19 92 5 5 3-4-0


As you can see, with only 24 possible prestige this was a tight cut. However, it was actually a lot closer than the top 8 shows. There was a 10-way tie for 9th (decided by tiebreakers of course) at 18 prestige, and everyone down to 38th place had 16 or more (meaning that they won 2/3 of their games).

Also, possibly even more impressive is that after hours and hours of Netrunner, only one person dropped during the Swiss. Major props to everyone who came out and played, as well as Game Kastle for having us all day!

Finally, after what felt like 18 years of elimination games, the top 8 settled out to this:

Rank Name
1. Noah Mckee
2. Weston Odom
3. Joe Filomena
4. Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
5. Aaron Freeman
6. Jason Dauer
7. Greg Monson
8. Kris MacLennan


Congrats to Noah McKee on the win! If you’re curious how the elimination rounds played out, check the bottom of this post for a round-by-round breakdown.

Here are the overall corp and runner ID breakdowns. Sorry for the clutteredness; in events this big there is bound to be a lot of variety.

Corps: corp identities


and Runners: runner identities

As far as the runner/corp split goes things were pretty even, with corps having a slight edge: runner vs corp wins


Elimination round breakdown is below. The corporation player is on the left, runner player on the right. The column to the far right shows the winner.

Round 8
1 Noah Mckee vs Weston Odom C : R Noah Mckee
2 Jason Dauer vs Greg Monson C : R Jason Dauer
3 Joe Filomena vs Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) R : C Joe Filomena
4 Aaron Freeman vs Kris MacLennan R : C Aaron Freeman
Round 9
1 Noah Mckee vs Jason Dauer R : C Noah Mckee
2 Joe Filomena vs Aaron Freeman C : R Joe Filomena
3 Weston Odom vs Greg Monson C : R Weston Odom
4 Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) vs Kris MacLennan C : R Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
Round 10
1 Noah Mckee vs Joe Filomena R : C Noah Mckee
2 Weston Odom vs Aaron Freeman R : C Weston Odom
3 Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) vs Jason Dauer C : R Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
Round 11
1 Weston Odom vs Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) C : R Weston Odom
Round 12
1 Weston Odom vs Joe Filomena C : R Weston Odom
Round 13
1 Noah Mckee vs Weston Odom C : R Noah Mckee

Eudemonia Store Championship 2015 Results

Thanks to everyone who came out for Eudemonia’s first Store Championship! This is also the first store championship I’ve TO’d, and I have to thank Brian, Matthew and Tim for all their help in running the event. We had a software malfunction, and decided to abandon technology and run the tournament on paper. Someone hacked NRTM! Noise perhaps? Or Maxx? Paper pairings were a pain, but we made it work. Lets just say I’m very appreciative to live in the age of iPads and smart phones (when they work).


We had a turnout of 26 people, and ran 5 rounds of swiss with a cut to Top 8. This is the first SC I know of in the Bay Area where The Valley was legal, and we certainly saw it affect deck selection. Glacier was very well represented, with only 2 NBN fast advance decks holding out against the storm of Clots… which didn’t show up! Of the 26 Corp decks, only 2 ran any copies of Clot, and both of those were Shapers who opted for 1 copy each. It seems everyone believed bringing FA would be too risky, but also assumed everyone else would bring the Clots which would make it so. Despite the FA-hate in The Valley, the only two NBN FA decks made it all the way to the finals. We had quite a diverse top 8 with every faction on both sides represented, and of the 16 total decks in the cut, 14 were unique identities. Seems like diversity is alive and well in the current Netrunner meta!


Congratulations to Matthew Harrison-Trainor, on what I believe is his 3rd Store Championship win! Congrats also to Tim Wong who had a great run in the swiss and the top 8, only dropping 1 game until the finals, and who got the bye for regionals as Matthew already has his.

Here are the decklists for Top 8:

1st place: Matthew Harrison-Trainor
Near Earth Hub
Reina Roja
2nd place: Tim Wong
NBN: The World Is Yours*
Chaos Theory
3rd place: Gene Griffith
Jinteki: Personal Evolution
4th place: Brian Cronin
HB: Engineering the Future
5th place: Adam Cabrera
The Foundry
Edward Kim
6th place: Kris McLennan
Leela Patel
Jinteki: Replicating Perfection
7th place: Ian Nelson
Blue Sun
8th place: Weston Odom
Kate “Mac” McCaffrey
HB: Engineering the Future

Eudemonia holds regular Game Night Kit tournaments every other Saturday. Hope to see you all there!