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Recent Store Championship Videos

We have been doing a lot of recording lately at Store Championships.

First I wanted to point everyone towards a great new channel: Oaktown Business Cast.

They just posted their first game from the Victory Point cut featuring Jamie and Ainsley.

We have also posted a couple recent games up to the SSF channel.

First up is the lower bracket finals at the Games of Berkeley cut featuring David and Todd. This is a really interesting one!

And the finals from the same tournament featuring Noah and Todd.

You can look forward to many more videos from both Bay Area channels!

Small Update

Hello Corporate Troubleshooters and fellow Tech Lords!

I wanted to update the front page to let everyone know we are still Running!

Our Event Calendar is the place to go to find tournaments, learning sessions, and casual meet ups. If you know of anything not listed, please get in touch!

The Mailing List is a great place to find opponents, carpools, and get notifications on upcoming events.

Our YouTube Channel has a massive backlog of games from local players and special tournaments like Worlds 2015! If you see me at a tournament, I will likely have my camera gear. If you have an interesting deck, let’s get it recorded!

Finally, there is a Chat Room if you want to discuss the latest decks and tech with other Bay Area players.

And if you are interested in contributing to the community in some way, please email Brian (programmingisgood at the popular Google mailing service).

We have some fun things planned for 2016 so make sure to get on that mailing list!

Games of Berkeley Noise Tournament


port-ill-noiseWe are doing something special at the September Games of Berkeley tournament.

Local player Stephen Lee went to Gen Con and returned with a coveted alt art Noise. He wanted to do something fun with it so he donated it to the tournament.

The top Noise player at this month’s tournament will receive this card!

There is no requirement to play Noise. It is otherwise a normal constructed tournament. Hope to see you there!

Click here for more information.

First Post!

And, we’re live!

Welcome to SanSan Francisco City Grid!  The original purpose of this site was to host the San Francisco Bay Area Netrunner Event Calendar, as well as as an easy signup spot for the Bay Area Netrunner Mailing List. But in the process of setting everything up, we’ve come to realize that there are an awful lot of really cool people in the Bay Area Netrunner scene, who have all sorts of Netrunner-related things they’d love to put up on a web page.

So!  Come for the event calendar and mailing list, and stay for the news, writeups, set reviews, recorded games, and who knows what else!

Watch this space!