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2015 Santa Clara, CA Regionals Results

89 players decided to give away an entire day of their life and gathered at Game Kastle Santa Clara on Saturday the 30th for this year’s Regional Championship.

overhead shot of the tournament

Even Jackson Howard and the Professor showed up!

Jackson and the Professor

We played 7 rounds of Swiss then cut to the top 8 for elimination. After the Swiss the top 8 looked like this:

Rank Name Prestige SoS RW CW W-T-L
1. Noah Mckee
(Andromeda / Replicating Perfection)
22 135 7 4 4-3-0
2. Joe Filomena
(MaxX / Blue Sun)
22 126 6 5 4-3-0
3. Aaron Freeman
(MaxX / Near-Earth Hub)
22 116 5 6 4-3-0
4. Jason Dauer
(Gabriel Santiago / Engineering the Future)
21 119 6 4 3-4-0
5. Greg Monson
(Andromeda / Blue Sun)
20 110 4 6 3-4-0
6. Kris MacLennan
(Leela Patel / Replicating Perfection)
20 107 6 4 4-2-1
7. Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
(Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Near-Earth Hub)
20 104 3 7 3-4-0
8. Weston Odom
(Kate “Mac” McCaffrey / Replicating Perfection)
19 92 5 5 3-4-0


As you can see, with only 24 possible prestige this was a tight cut. However, it was actually a lot closer than the top 8 shows. There was a 10-way tie for 9th (decided by tiebreakers of course) at 18 prestige, and everyone down to 38th place had 16 or more (meaning that they won 2/3 of their games).

Also, possibly even more impressive is that after hours and hours of Netrunner, only one person dropped during the Swiss. Major props to everyone who came out and played, as well as Game Kastle for having us all day!

Finally, after what felt like 18 years of elimination games, the top 8 settled out to this:

Rank Name
1. Noah Mckee
2. Weston Odom
3. Joe Filomena
4. Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
5. Aaron Freeman
6. Jason Dauer
7. Greg Monson
8. Kris MacLennan


Congrats to Noah McKee on the win! If you’re curious how the elimination rounds played out, check the bottom of this post for a round-by-round breakdown.

Here are the overall corp and runner ID breakdowns. Sorry for the clutteredness; in events this big there is bound to be a lot of variety.

Corps: corp identities


and Runners: runner identities

As far as the runner/corp split goes things were pretty even, with corps having a slight edge: runner vs corp wins


Elimination round breakdown is below. The corporation player is on the left, runner player on the right. The column to the far right shows the winner.

Round 8
1 Noah Mckee vs Weston Odom C : R Noah Mckee
2 Jason Dauer vs Greg Monson C : R Jason Dauer
3 Joe Filomena vs Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) R : C Joe Filomena
4 Aaron Freeman vs Kris MacLennan R : C Aaron Freeman
Round 9
1 Noah Mckee vs Jason Dauer R : C Noah Mckee
2 Joe Filomena vs Aaron Freeman C : R Joe Filomena
3 Weston Odom vs Greg Monson C : R Weston Odom
4 Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) vs Kris MacLennan C : R Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
Round 10
1 Noah Mckee vs Joe Filomena R : C Noah Mckee
2 Weston Odom vs Aaron Freeman R : C Weston Odom
3 Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) vs Jason Dauer C : R Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon)
Round 11
1 Weston Odom vs Jonathon Dalesandry (Jon) C : R Weston Odom
Round 12
1 Weston Odom vs Joe Filomena C : R Weston Odom
Round 13
1 Noah Mckee vs Weston Odom C : R Noah Mckee