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Eudemonia Store Championship 2015 Results

Thanks to everyone who came out for Eudemonia’s first Store Championship! This is also the first store championship I’ve TO’d, and I have to thank Brian, Matthew and Tim for all their help in running the event. We had a software malfunction, and decided to abandon technology and run the tournament on paper. Someone hacked NRTM! Noise perhaps? Or Maxx? Paper pairings were a pain, but we made it work. Lets just say I’m very appreciative to live in the age of iPads and smart phones (when they work).


We had a turnout of 26 people, and ran 5 rounds of swiss with a cut to Top 8. This is the first SC I know of in the Bay Area where The Valley was legal, and we certainly saw it affect deck selection. Glacier was very well represented, with only 2 NBN fast advance decks holding out against the storm of Clots… which didn’t show up! Of the 26 Corp decks, only 2 ran any copies of Clot, and both of those were Shapers who opted for 1 copy each. It seems everyone believed bringing FA would be too risky, but also assumed everyone else would bring the Clots which would make it so. Despite the FA-hate in The Valley, the only two NBN FA decks made it all the way to the finals. We had quite a diverse top 8 with every faction on both sides represented, and of the 16 total decks in the cut, 14 were unique identities. Seems like diversity is alive and well in the current Netrunner meta!


Congratulations to Matthew Harrison-Trainor, on what I believe is his 3rd Store Championship win! Congrats also to Tim Wong who had a great run in the swiss and the top 8, only dropping 1 game until the finals, and who got the bye for regionals as Matthew already has his.

Here are the decklists for Top 8:

1st place: Matthew Harrison-Trainor
Near Earth Hub
Reina Roja
2nd place: Tim Wong
NBN: The World Is Yours*
Chaos Theory
3rd place: Gene Griffith
Jinteki: Personal Evolution
4th place: Brian Cronin
HB: Engineering the Future
5th place: Adam Cabrera
The Foundry
Edward Kim
6th place: Kris McLennan
Leela Patel
Jinteki: Replicating Perfection
7th place: Ian Nelson
Blue Sun
8th place: Weston Odom
Kate “Mac” McCaffrey
HB: Engineering the Future

Eudemonia holds regular Game Night Kit tournaments every other Saturday. Hope to see you all there!