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Introducing Chops Channel

Hello , this is Chops and I just wanted to quickly introduce the channel I just started. The purpose of this channel is to share things that I have found interesting in lore of the Android Universe from the various source materials outside of Netrunner.

These first three videos introduce the channel, the source material and the Android Universe itself. In future videos I will be going into much more detail about specific topics about characters, events, locations, and technology.

Hopefully I’ll have the next video sometime early August, so keep an eye out!

Where is the world is New Angeles

If you play Netrunner, then you’ve heard of the megapolis New Angeles and you probably know that it is the home of the New Angeles Space Elevator… more popularly known as “The Beanstalk”.

The rulebook for Netrunner mentions a few things about the city and those who reside within it, but no source in the Android Universe goes into more detail about the specific location of that city than the Free Fall novel.

In the book, Detective Rick Harrison mentions that the United States purchased roughly a quarter of Ecuadorian land at the cost of around a trillion dollars. Totaling about 75,000 square kilometers, it includes most of the coastal plain between the Andes and the ocean, stretching from Esmareldas to Guayas.  It boarders Quito, the Capitol of Ecuador and includes Cayambe, the third highest mountain in Ecuador and the location of the Beanstalk’s root. The image below shows my best guess as to how that lays out…


Thanks for the details Detective!

If you liked this post then you can look forward to seeing more like it on this site as well as my soon to be youtube channel where I talk about the lore of the Android universe.

-Chops out