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H&P Set Review, Part 1: The Runners

ADN15-box-leftA fancy new set came out, full of fancy new cards.  So how better to celebrate than with a fancy new set review!  Behold, as we weigh in, assigning highly scientific ratings based on our complicated analytical models!

Because Honor and Profit had a lot of cards, we’re breaking this review up into two parts.  Here, we’re going to talk about the runner half!

Update: The corp half is now also live, and you can find it here!

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First Post!

And, we’re live!

Welcome to SanSan Francisco City Grid!  The original purpose of this site was to host the San Francisco Bay Area Netrunner Event Calendar, as well as as an easy signup spot for the Bay Area Netrunner Mailing List. But in the process of setting everything up, we’ve come to realize that there are an awful lot of really cool people in the Bay Area Netrunner scene, who have all sorts of Netrunner-related things they’d love to put up on a web page.

So!  Come for the event calendar and mailing list, and stay for the news, writeups, set reviews, recorded games, and who knows what else!

Watch this space!