April Games of Berkeley Achievements

Here are the achievements for the Games of Berkeley GNK tournament on April 12th:

I Know A Guy: Have the most Connection resources installed at the end of each of the games that you win.
CEO of the Year: Have the most amount of Agendas scored at the end of each of your games that you win.
Both of these are added up throughout the tournament and the winner is the player who has the most in each category. There will be special prizes for these. Please help get the word out about these!

One thought on “April Games of Berkeley Achievements”

  1. Is most agendas scored indicative of the number of agendas in your score area or scored during a game? If the latter, then is it indicative of agendas scored by the corp and runner or just the corp?

    If I play 3 hostile takeovers, and then I forfeited them to archer, assuming that the runner does not score, is the agenda count 3 or 0.

    If someone plays data dealer, and forfeits scored agendas, do they count?

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