Announcing Achievements at the Games of Berkeley February Tournament

Last month I asked the attendees if they would be interested in having achievements during the monthly GoB tournament and there seemed to be a lot of interest so here we go!

I am always pretty cautious of achievements in general as they can really disrupt the overall fun of the game. I didn’t want achievements that would encourage regressive decks that simply try to grind out an achievement at the cost of losing the game as this would ruin the fun for the opponent.

So the way these achievements work, you only count them in games you have won. You still need to build a deck that can win games and hopefully, the tournament. These are intended to slightly encourage you to build and play a deck you maybe wouldn’t have played otherwise. And these are entirely optional. Feel free to completely ignore them. I also tried to theme them around Order & Chaos.

There will be a special prize for the player that wins each achievement. Tie breakers will be resolved based on tournament standing. I am hoping to theme the prizes around the achievements. They will likely be smaller card or board games that GoB has in stock and will be purchased with the entry fees.

This month we have:

Runner – That PAD Will Rot Your Brain! – This achievement is won by the player who has acquired the most brain damage at the end of each game they win.

Corp – Advance The Win! – This achievement is won by the player who has the most advancement tokens in play at the end of each game they win.

The tournament is happening on Sunday, February 8th. This is an experiment and I hope everyone has fun with these!

Store Championships 2015!

It is that time of the year again! Store Championships!

Below is a list of all the events going on in and around the Bay Area that I am aware of. If I am missing something, please contact me via Twitter or Email.

Note: Store Championships are designated as “competitive” tier events according to FFG so deck lists are required.

The following are listed as hosts for Store Championships but I was unable to determine their time yet.

  • Gator Games in San Mateo
  • Versus Games in SF

And for those truly brave runners (who own a car).

Games of Berkeley January 2015 Tournament Results

The Games of Berkeley tournament is always a fun time. We had 20 players this month.

Weston Odom won with his Prepaid/ProCon Kate and Hybrid ETF deck.

The win stats are always interesting to compare month to month:







Also, flat lines represented 27% of the total wins on the day (:O).

Here are the detailed results.

I also posted the tournament to where you can add deck lists if you attended this event.

See ya next month!