Event Report – Games of Berkeley Overdrive Draft 6/15/14

This event was hosted by me and billed as the first Overdrive draft event in the Bay Area. From the moment these were announced, Brian and I bugged the store and got the earliest available date, thanks to the Games of Berkeley store staff for accommodating us (Netrunner is taking off there with 5 staff members or so playing regularly).

7 people showed up, which made it a bit of a logistical conundrum since it blows to pay so much for a draft then run the risk of having a bye and playing 1 fewer round.  Since all of us were experienced with tournaments, we decided to draft both sides, then do away with formal rounds and pairings, and just keep rotating in the ‘bye’ player, with an eye for slow matches. Originally we hoped to have a round-robin, but drafting + construction took 1h15min and since everybody had done 4 rounds 4h30min later and we bumped against the store closing time, 4 was a logical place to end it.

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A Core Weyland Beginner Deck

I know people are often looking for beginner decks to help their friends learn the game. A friend asked me to do just that. This is intended for a player who knows the basic rules of the game and wants a decent Corp deck to play around with (as the Runner was a bit better in Core than the Corp). So here was my response to him:


I put together a deck for you. The general strategy should be to be fast/aggressive.


You are going to want to score out any Hostile Takeover you draw right out of hand (only 2 advancements required). This will give you 7 credits right away, boosting your economy and threaten a rez of Archer (one of the best Ice in the game). It does have the downside of gaining a bad publicity (a credit the Runner can use for anything on every run) but it is worth it.


From there, you are going to focus on building econ with those Transaction operations (Hedge Fund and Beanstalk), PAD Campaign, and Mining Corp whenever you can manage it. You would to try to have as much money as possible.
Also, don’t forget about the bonus credit when playing those Transaction operations!


The ice you want on central servers are Ice Wall, Wall of Static, Enigma, Data Raven, and Shadow.


You are going to try to use Hadrian’s, Toll Booth, or Archer to score out in a remote server. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, just the general aim or strategy. If you can score behind an Ice Wall early, go for it!


If you can get a Posted Bounty down in a server advanced a couple times, there is the option of advancing it 1 more time, tagging the runner, and then hitting the runner with Scorched Earth as a nice surprise. This is only worth doing if you are going to flatline them, otherwise, just score out Posted Bounty for the point.


Finally, if you ever have enough credits to give the Runner a tag with Sea Source followed by a Scorched Earth or 2 for the flatline, that is a win! Don’t forget about the successful run condition of Sea Source.


As always, let me know if you have any questions! I think this deck will be more competitive with the core Shaper deck.


Have fun!

Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World

Agenda (11)

3 Hostile Takeover
2 Posted Bounty
3 Priority Requisition
3 Private Security Force

Asset (7)

2 Melange Mining Corp
3 PAD Campaign
2 Snare! ••••

Operation (12)

3 Beanstalk Royalties
3 Hedge Fund
2 Scorched Earth
2 SEA Source ••••
2 Shipment from Kaguya

Barrier (8)

2 Hadrian’s Wall
3 Ice Wall
3 Wall of Static

Code Gate (4)

3 Enigma
1 Tollbooth ••

Sentry (7)

2 Archer
2 Data Raven ••••
1 Rototurret
2 Shadow

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